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Beyond the Mat (1999)

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Movie: Beyond the Mat (1999)

"This documentry focuses on the lives of professional wrestlers Terry Funk, Mick Foley (Mankind), Jake Roberts (Jake the Snake), and Darren Drozdov (Droz). As the film progresses the story of their lives unfolds, as well as we learn how the wrestling industry is not the plastic-weapons fake-slap sideshow that many have perceived it as. We are shown how moves, although not actually injuring anyone, are not fake, and extreme training is required to be able to perform the stunts without being harmed. We are also treated to interviews with the family of Mick Foley and what it is like for them to know their father literally puts his life on the line every week and how it feels to have other children call their father a "fake". Vince McMahon, owner of World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, also makes a few appearances, responding to criticism on various wrestling situations, including, once again, his real athletes very real orginization being called fake by sources such as USA Today and various news programs. Written by JoJo mac"

  • Release Date: (USA)
  • Run Time: USA: (director's cut)
  • Country: USA
  • Credited cast : Barry W. Blaustein,Vince McMahon,Jim Ross,Jim Bell,Darren Drozdov,Roland Alexander,Tony Jones,Michael Modest,Terry Funk,Mick Foley,Danny Zucker,Dave Meltzer,Jake Roberts,Ed Beckley,Chyna

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