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Faust (2000)

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Movie: Faust (2000)

"An artist, John Jaspers sells his soul to the mysterious "M" in order to get revenge on the people who killed his girlfriend. Soon, he realizes everything has a price, and he is transformed into a horned demon with a passion for killing. He learns that M plans to release the Homunculus, a giant Lizard-like monster onto the earth, opening the gate to hell. Now, Jaspers must stop M before he can let the apocalypse begin... Written by willyt"

  • Release Date: (Spain)
  • Run Time: Spain:
  • Country: Spain
  • Credited cast : Mark Frost,Isabel Brook,Jennifer Rope,Jeffrey Combs,Mònica Van Campen,Leslie Charles,Fermí Reixach,Junix Inocian,Robert Paterson,Marc Martínez,Andrew Divoff,Clare Leach,Francisco Maestre,Ronny Svensson,Julia Davies

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