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In Time (2011)

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Movie: In Time (2011)

“Welcome to a world where time has become the ultimate currency. You stop aging at 25, but there's a catch: you're genetically-engineered to live only one more year, unless you can buy your way out of it. The rich "earn" decades at a time (remaining at age 25), becoming essentially immortal, while the rest beg, borrow or steal enough hours to make it through the day. When a man from the wrong side of the tracks is falsely accused of murder, he is forced to go on the run with a beautiful hostage. Living minute to minute, the duo's love becomes a powerful tool in their war against the system. Written by Twentieth Century Fox”

  • Release Date:
  • Run Time:
  • Credited cast: .Cillian Murphy,Justin Timberlake,Amanda Seyfried,Shyloh Oostwald,Johnny Galecki,Colin McGurk,Olivia Wilde,Will Harris,Michael William Freeman,Jesse Lee Soffer,Aaron Perilo,Nick Lashaway,William Peltz,Ray Santiago,Matt Bomer.
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