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Les enfants de Timpelbach (2008)

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Movie: Les enfants de Timpelbach (2008)

"Welcome to Timpelbach, a small, serene village. Well, not really that serene... Indeed, for several weeks, the children have been playing multiple practical jokes and nasty tricks. The victims are, of course, other children... but also, and most of all, the parents. Overwrought, they decide to leave the village for what they think will only be one day. But nothing happens as planned: on the way back, they are taken prisoner by a group of soldiers. In Timpelbach, the news of a village without parents makes Oscar and his gang of thugs happy! But that isn't the case of a few daredevils who decide to side with Manfred and Marianne to regain control of the village. Written by Happy_Evil_Dude"

  • Release Date: (Belgium)
  • Run Time: Germany: (European Film Market)
  • Country: France , Luxembourg
  • Credited cast : Raphaël Katz,Adèle Exarchopoulos,Léo Legrand,Baptiste Bétoulaud,Martin Jobert,Lola Créton,Léo Paget,Ilona Bachelier,Julien Dubois,Florian Goutiéras,Talina Boyaci,Mathieu Donné,Terry Edinval,Jonathan Joss,Tilly Mandelbrot

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