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Red River Valley (1936)

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Movie: Red River Valley (1936)

"One of Gene Autry's early Republic westerns, the film has plenty of action and songs by Autry and Burdette, along with other musical novelty acts. Gene and his friend Frog help the valley's irrigation company solve the mystery of who's behind the terror tactics of those fighting the dam. In the process, they become implicated in a payroll robbery and must clear their names while pursuing the real robbers and trying to save the dam for the valley's drought-ravaged landowners. Written by Dale Roloff"

  • Release Date: (USA)
  • Run Time: USA: (2004 restoration) (edited version) (re-edited version) (original version)
  • Country: USA
  • Credited cast : Gene Autry,Smiley Burnette,Frances Grant,Boothe Howard,Jack Kennedy,Champion,Sam Flint,George Chesebro,Charles King,Eugene Jackson,Edward Hearn,Frank LaRue,Ken Cooper,Frankie Marvin

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