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Strongmen (2011)

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Movie: Strongmen (2011)

"From the depths of space, comes the invasion of The Tide; destination: Earth. In 54 hours it will destroy our planet. Nothing can withstand its onslaught. Only the finest minds and most sophisticated computers can face this challenge. Mankind is also challenged with inter-planetary travel, destruction on a global scale and a confrontation with the Evil Icon. Dr Landzaad has injected living protoplasm into eight superheroes, all singularly endowed with extraordinary super powers but most powerful when they fight as one. American billionaire, Alex Ross has constructed the biggest drilling platform in the world. Driving deep into depths of the planet, he unleashes strange entities that wreak chaos wherever they go. With the fate of the earth in their hands, nothing can stop the STRONGMEN. Written by Anonymous"

  • Country: Australia
  • Credited cast : Lance Bonza,Victor Grant,Fabian Peters,Rachel Kahan,Daniel Macri,Laura Mackie,Amali Ward,Hannah Moltoni,David Wirrapanda,Todd Jensen,Omar Regan

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