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The Killer Eye (1999)

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Movie: The Killer Eye (1999)

"An ophthamologist is trying to develop a technique for seeing into another dimension. After a previous experiment went terribly wrong, blinding his test subject he makes some revisions to his methodology. Unfortunately, his latest experiment is a horrible success. His newest test subject peers into another dimension and is killed by an extra-dimensional entity which enters our world and infests the eye of the subject. After expanding to enormous size and detaching from the body of its victim, the eye goes on a rampage. Written by Patrick D. Rockwell <>"

  • Run Time:
  • Country: USA
  • Credited cast : Jacqueline Lovell,Jonathan Norman,Nanette Bianchi,Costas Koromilas,Blake Adams,Ryan Van Steenis,Dave Oren Ward,Roland Martinez

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