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The Whistleblower (2010)

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Movie: The Whistleblower (2010)

“Inspired by true events, Kathy (Rachel Weisz) is an American police officer who takes a job working as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia. Her expectations of helping to rebuild a devastated country are dashed when she uncovers a dangerous reality of corruption, cover-up and intrigue amid a world of private contractors and multinational diplomatic doubletalk. Written by Production”

  • Release Date:
  • Run Time:
  • Credited cast: .Rachel Weisz,Vanessa Redgrave,Monica Bellucci,David Strathairn,Nikolaj Lie Kaas,Roxana Condurache,Paula Schramm,Alexandru Potocean,William Hope,Rayisa Kondracki,Jeanette Hain,Benedict Cumberbatch,David Hewlett,Coca Bloos,Luke Treadaway.
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