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The Woman in Black (2012)

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Movie: The Woman in Black (2012)

“A young lawyer, struggling with work after the death of his wife, is sent to a remote village to settle the estate of a deceased eccentric woman who owns an English manor. The village residents want him to leave as they are trying to conceal a deadly secret. But he refuses, and soon discovers that the house of his client is haunted by the vengeful ghost of a woman dressed in black. Written by Kad”

  • Release Date:
  • Run Time:
  • Credited cast: .Emma Shorey,Molly Harmon,Sophie Stuckey,Daniel Radcliffe,Misha Handley,Jessica Raine,Roger Allam,Lucy May Barker,Indira Ainger,Andy Robb,Ciarán Hinds,Shaun Dooley,Mary Stockley,Alexia Osborne,Alfie Field.
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