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Trimurti (1995)

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Movie: Trimurti (1995)

"The notorious Khokha Singh entraps dedicated Police Inspector Satyadevi Singh, and has her sentenced in prison for life. Satyadevi leaves behind three young sons, Shakti, Anand, and Romi, her Trimurti, who she hopes will assist her in avenging this humiliation. After 18 longs years, Satyadevi is released from prison due to good behaviour. She learns from her brother, Bhanu, that all is not well with her sons. Shakti is an emotional wreck; Anand is missing, believed dead; and her youngest, Romi, is in the employment of Khokha Singh, who has assigned him the task of abducting and killing Satyadevi. Written by rAjOo ("

  • Run Time:
  • Country: India
  • Credited cast : Mohan Agashe,Tinnu Anand,Gautami,Saeed Jaffrey,Anjali Jathar,Anil Kapoor,Shah Rukh Khan,Himani Shivpuri,Jackie Shroff,Priya Tendulkar

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