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We Have a Pope (2011)

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We Have a Pope (2011)

“At the Vatican, following the demise of the Pope, the conclave to elect his successor settles on Cardinal Melville. But the faithful gathered in St Peter's Square wait in vain for the new Pope to step out on the balcony. What is going on? Behind the thick walls of the Vatican panic has set in. After uttering a terrible howl of fear, the Cardinal refuses the office. The officials do everything to try to reason with Melville, including a psychoanalyst, appointed by the Vatican… Do we really have a Pope? Written by Guy Bellinger”

  • Release Date:
  • Run Time:
  • Credited cast: .Michel Piccoli,Jerzy Stuhr,Renato Scarpa,Franco Graziosi,Camillo Milli,Roberto Nobile,Ulrich von Dobschütz,Gianluca Gobbi,Nanni Moretti,Margherita Buy,Camilla Ridolfi,Leonardo Della Bianca,Dario Cantarelli,Manuela Mandracchia,Rossana Mortara.
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